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Jean Dumarais


Jean, who has worked for the owner for over 12 years, helped lead the Yersin dream from the beginning. He was a figure head in the design and technical concept of the vessel and followed her meticulously during the 3-year construction. He has been in the industry for 25 years having sailed to many unique destinations and he looks forward to exploring even more of the ocean and remote islands. Captain Jean is a keen fisherman and has a strong interest in the astronomy, history and geography of the earth.

Chief Officer - Stephane BRISSON

Stéphane BRISSON

Relief Captain / Chief Officer

Stephane has always lived in the maritime sector, whether in the family business of pleasure boats and then in the merchant marine. He has been sailing on merchant ships for 30 years, first as a sailor then as an officer on cargo ships, icebreakers, tall ships, passenger ships, then discovered the world of yachting in 2008. He is a certified Captain 3000 UMS.

Stephane is passionate about vintage powerboats, restoring old outboard motors and motorboats, photography and traveling with his family.


Ievgen Samoshyn

2nd Officer

Ievgen trained at the Odessa Marine Academy and graduated after 5 years of studying. He has a passion for diving and being on his jet ski whilst exploring sea life. Ievgen has been in the yacht industry for 6 years and is focused on progressing further in the future. He enjoys travelling and spending time with his family who inspire him as they are seamen as well.


Romina Maccio

2nd Officer

Romina studied to become an officer in the Uruguayan Naval Academy for 5 years and has since been working onboard commercial vessels for 4 years before transitioning into the yacht industry. Travel is a great passion of hers (specifically places “off the beaten track”) as well as her love for animals and nature, especially her cats. Romina empathizes that if you have a dream and work hard, anything is possible.

Georgian ENACHE

Georgian Enache

2nd Officer

Georgian is a Romanian young man born in Constanta, a city with access to the sea. Always guided by his passion, he graduated the Maritime University at the end of which he embraced the seaman’s life in 2013. Meanwhile he worked on different types of ships such as Cargo vessels, Multipurpose vessels and Passenger vessels. Looking for a new adventure, he found last year the proper team to join and now is looking forward to explore new destinations with his new colleagues. He played professional soccer since he was nine years old and among watching F1, Moto Gp, soccer will definitely remain on the top of his big passions.

Kyle Gaudet

Kyle Gaudet

2nd Officer

Training in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada and joining the Yersin from a previous career working on commercial ferries in the fjords of British Columbia, and Oil Tankers on the eastern seaboard of North America. Kyle is a true Canadian who adores hockey and skiing. An avid explorer, he always makes use of his time to explore his surrounds. He is using extensively his VW Eurovan in Western Canada to explore the long winding roads of the West Coast. Most important past times include live music and following the band “The War On Drugs” around whenever possible. Scuba diving is also thoroughly enjoyed, ask him to show his photos from the time he dove with two humpbacks in Mexico. He is looking forward to sailing and exploring the seven seas with you.

Sylvain HILY

Sylvain Hily

Chief Engineer

Sylvain found a natural progression from working onboard cruise ships to transitioning into yachting and constantly trained in all aspects of the engine department. On a more personal aspect, Sylvain is also passionate about developing his manual skills and applying the principles of urban agro-ecology for his own needs.

Matthew OATES

Matthew Oates

Chief Engineer

Mat joined the team in 2019 and since then he has instilled to the crew the importance of keeping safety at first place of any activity onboard. With more than 8 years at sea and having extensive experience onboard passenger ships Mat moved to the yacht industry two years ago where he continues to widen his field of experience always studying and sharing knowledge with the rest.

In his free time Mat enjoys doing mountain bike, walking and cooking but sharing time with his lovely daughter and wife is the most important.

2nd Eng - Edvinas PETKUS

Edvinas PETKUS

2nd Engineer

Edvinas is working on ships since 2011, during that time he tried different directions in maritime industry including: cargo & passenger vessels, offshore, scientific research vessels. Then in 2018, he decided to open a new page in his career and moved to yachting. Besides of enjoying daily engineering tasks and challenges on board, he loves to spend time at home with his beloved family and he is very passionate about outdoors camping, carp fishing and nature photography.


Eric Charmasson

3rd Engineer

Eric studied at the merchant navy academy for 3 years to become an engineer during which he did many voyages as a cadet including onboard the 2nd biggest (by length) cadet sailing boat in the world “Krusenstern”. He enjoys playing music (guitar and piano) along with doing skateboarding, free diving and spearfishing.

3rd Eng - Matthew RALPH

Matthew RALPH

3rd Engineer
Adrian PETCU

Adrian Petcu


Adrian’s passion from a young age has been sailing, he has been competing since he was 7 attaining the ‘national champion’ title multiple times. As well as this he is a keen free diver holding a personal best of 28m. His happiness comes from spending time on and in the water and will take any opportunity to do so. Onboard, Adrian manages all of the electrical and media systems and has been with us for 4 years.

Paskal KIROV

Paskal Kirov


Paskal was born and grew up in Varna, Bulgaria next to the sea, his childhood and young age was always connected to the water activities such as sailing, surfing, diving and swimming. He started to work in shipyards and renewable energies as an electrical engineer, then he decided to combine his love for the sea and electricity by starting his seaman career as an ETO, and then finally found in Yersin his perfect combination between sea, reduced environmental footprint and most modern equipment he’s passionate to work with.

Flavio BALDI

Flavio Baldi

Bosun / Purser

Flavio has been in the industry for 20 years and working with Captain for 16 of them. Anything ‘deck’ related, Flavio has an extensive knowledge and experience. This shines through in his leadership of the deck team where he guides the boys whom he works hard to train to be the best they can. Flavio is also our purser. He has a true passion for Nike sneakers, house music and riding his bicycle. Flavio adds a touch of humor wherever he goes and enjoys spending time with his family and passing on his skills and knowledge to his son Fabio.

Raphael CANAUD

Raphael Canaud


Raphaël has been working with the owner and captain for 12 years therefore was part of Yersin during her build and delivery. Raph lived next to the seaside growing up and has always had a passion for being on the water. He likes to lead a healthy lifestyle and is regularly in the gym and is also a fan of football. Raphaël has an expert knowledge of all aspects of our deck department and looks forward to assisting you with any exterior activities you pursue.


Harry Ellard

Lead Deckhand

Harry decided to enter the world of yachting in 2016 as he was always interested in travelling and being at sea.
He grew up next to Antibes (south coast of France). Walking along the docks and seeing all the boats every day and all year long made him join this industry. In his free time Harry enjoys travelling around the world, fishing, running and increasing his knowledge in gardening and botanics. He looks forward to progress in his career has a sea man and loves sharing his knowledge and passion.


Alexander Juan


Alex grew up in the Philippines and was a deck cadet on a cargo vessel before joining yachting. He was also a gym attendant and he continues to enjoy staying active and working out. Alex is a big NBA fan and enjoys keeping up to date with the world of basketball. He also likes to partake in adrenaline fueled activities such as Jet Skiing and motorcycling.

Deckhand J-C TALBOT

Jean-Claude TALBOT


Titus-Vlad Mihai

Chief Stew

Titus is spirited, cheerful and positive with more than 5 years’ experience in the industry. Titus spent 7 years studying and developing his mixology skills and he loves encouraging new challenges so he is always ready to create unique cocktails which will surely fascinate you. Along with other crew his aim is to make your stay on board an unforgettable experience

During his free time, he adores snowboarding as much as he decided to be an instructor to encourage both young people and adults to practice the sport.


Clarehz Orijola


Clarehz has got an extensive experience as attendant onboard Ro-Pax vessels for 2 years and stewardess on Yachts for 9 years, always details and guest-oriented. She’s very sensible about all-time classical musics and also loves to read for learning new skills and competences. You will be pleased to see how friendly and available she is, always willing to learn.


Kaye Ann Barlan


You will surely have a chance to hear her beautiful and enchanting voice around as she loves singing. She has been a stage-performing singer on cruise ships for 3 years. Amongst her competencies and attention to details, you’ll find her living a healthy life by practicing sports and always sharing her contagious positive attitude.


Melissa Villanueva


Melissa is a positive and outgoing girl from Sweden. She loves traveling and exploring new places as well as her big passion for dancing. Back home in Stockholm she used to dance for several years at one of the biggest dance centers in town, show/Jazz as well as breakdance. Previous hospitality skills Melissa has from working at several hotels in Sweden after graduating high school at Stockholm’s hotel and restaurant school. She will always be there and help you with a smile!

We look forward to welcoming you onboard Yersin!