Costa Rica and Panama

Costa Rica and Panama

A perfect combination of culture and nature you will never forget

On board YERSIN you will discover Costa Rica and Panama with a 7 to 10 days expedition charter. A journey of great beauty around the isthmus of Panama, a link between two continents, which concentrates a biodiversity that is unique in the world, from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean between dream islands, natural reserves and encounters with the fascinating local communities.

Day 1


Located on the Golfo Dulce, opposite Osa Peninsula in Southern Costa Rica, this port town deserves to be discovered. Golfito is surrounded by areas classified National Wildlife Refuge and offers an incredible diversity of activities, such as whale watching, hiking the tropical rainforest, horseback riding, snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking and surfing.

Day 2


Since its creation, Corcovado National Park has gained popularity and is now really preserved and makes it a rugged, quiet and off-the-beaten-track destination which is very new to charter. You will be sure to have an uncommon experience.

Day 3


The access to this Marine Park having being restricted for years due to its penal colony's history, the natural resources had a peace to develop, thus offering some of the greatest biological diversity in the world today.

Day 4


On board Yersin you will discover an archipelago which consists in over 200 islands and islets, you will access this mostly uninhabited area off Pacific coast in the Gulf of Panama. The most famous and largest island is Isla Del Rey.  All over the area, you'll find beautiful white sand beaches, opportunities for scuba diving and whale watching, along with well-preserved nature and marine life.

Day 5


This is the place where Northern and Southern worlds are melting and merging together, with a perfect imperfection! The city lives in harmony with wild untouched rainforests.

Day 6


If you wish to visit all the San Blas Islands of Panama with Yersin, this will definitely be a challenge:  this archipelago comprises approximately 378 islands and cays, where 49 are inhabited. So, we surely can find one to feel like you own a private piece of paradise for a moment! These islands are home to the Kuna Indians and part of the Comarca Kuna Yala.

Day 7


The fortifications you will find in the magnificent Portobelo Bay, between mangroves and tropical forest, was the gateway to the New World and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will discover the Congo culture for the end of your Central America's journey on board Yersin.

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