New destinations : Canarias and Madeira Islands

New destinations : Canarias and Madeira Islands

— 21 February 2022

With the latest flow of charter inquiries, Yersin is adapting her 2022 itinerary in accordance with the main stream of demands and is planning to cruise in March to take her first charter In Canarias. Norway will be the next destination in April followed by the Svalbard in May, then the vessel will reposition in Greenland to continue her charter activity from June to September.

By the Way, have you ever thought to cruise Macaronesia during winter from March on?

What makes Canarias and Madeira Islands such an ideal destination?

  • Exotic destination
  • Beautiful isles
  • Balmy temperatures
  • Beautiful beaches
  • winter sun
  • sea temperature at 22°Celcius!
  • dramatic landscapes
  • Volcano
  • lively port cities
  • UNESCO sites
  • remarkable food and drink
  • world’s largest carnival after Rio (from 25th of February to 20th of March 2022 in Las Palmas)
  • short sailing time between islands
  • easy shelter in bad Atlantic weather

Starting the charter in Gibraltar helps with international airport and overall cost. 10 days will cover for the entire tour. Vamos al carnaval!

Yersin is your charterer’s key to the seas and oceans of the world.